Is boda boda business profitable in Uganda?

Authorities in Kampala have admitted to not knowing the number of boda boda motorcycles prying their trade in the city, something that makes it hard to regulate the business. And seeing that companies such as SafeBoda, Uber and Taxify have joined the business, the boda boda business proves to be lucrative.

How much does a boda boda make a day in Uganda?

Edwin rides about 40 people a day which amounts to about 13 dollars in earnings. Boda trips are usually short distance within and around the town of Masaka. As mentioned earlier we are in the rainy season in Masaka so most people are hesitant to use bodas because it doesn’t provide cover from the downpours.

How much does a boda boda make?

“Majority of riders in busy urban areas make more than Sh2,000 per day while those in rural areas make up to Sh800.”

Is Bodaboda business profitable?

Is Boda Boda Business Profitable in Kenya? Yes. In fact it is a source of livelihood for many families in Kenya. You can start small and grow your business over time.

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How much does a boda boda cost in Uganda?

Get a motorcycle loan and ride your bodaboda home with UGX 495,000 deposit (TVS – UGX 495,000 and Bajaj – UGX 700,000). With a repayment plan of as low as UGX 77,137 become a legal owner of your motorbike in 80 or 104 weeks depending on your preference.

How does SafeBoda make money?

Currently, SafeBoda is discounting all rides taken at 50% for cash payments and 70% for credit. … 3,000 with credit. SafeBoda pays the rest for you and the offer has been running for now over 3 months. This makes it as affordable as Taxify and almost matches the cost of taking the regular taxis (Matatus).

What is a boda boda rider?

Boda boda riders are hardworking people. They spend hours on end waiting under the equatorial sun at street corners and roundabouts for their next passengers. They may take three passengers at once if they are lucky – this means a larger sum of cash.

How much does a boxer 150 cost?


How many boda bodas are there in Nairobi?

According to UNLEASH, a non-profit founded in 2016, the boda boda sector employs over 1.2 million youth. Based on the available evidence, the claim that there are 500,000 motorcycles in the boda boda business is therefore MOSTLY FALSE. Claim 2: There are 76, 000 unregistered operators in Nairobi alone.

What is Boxer motorcycle?

A bike that has been the single largest selling bike across Africa and one of the most preferred bike in more than 30 countries. Known for its reliability, Boxer is extensively used as a moto-taxi by riders popularly known as Okadas or Boda Bodas in many African countries.

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How much is a Yamaha motorcycle in Kenya?

The 2019 Yamaha motorcycle lineup ranges in price from around $2,600 to $27,000. The average price is about $10,400. Overall, these prices are on par with what many competitors offer. The least-expensive model in the 2019 lineup is the Yamaha Zuma 50F scooter, which starts at $2,599.

When did boda boda start in Kenya?

Motorcycle business known as “Boda-boda” eased transportation problem of connecting urban and rural areas in Kenya. “Boda-boda” originated early 1990s from Uganda through Busia town in western Kenya and spread to adjacent towns, subsequently other towns and all towns currently are crowded with Boda boda in Kenya.

How many motorbikes are there in Kenya?

In Kenya, the number of newly registered motorcycles, commonly used as taxis (boda-boda), was estimated in 2018 at 1.5 million and will likely grow over five million by 2030.

Who owns SAFE Boda Uganda?


Ricky Rapa Thomson started out as a “boda boda” driver (the local term for motorbike-taxis), then in 2014, with two friends, he launched his own Safeboda taxi business based on the concept of road safety. “I had lost a friend to a boda accident. He died of a brain injury.

How much is a new boda?

A boda boda costs between Sh58,000 and Sh150,000. Because of their affordability, many youth across cities, towns and rural areas continue to acquire them. Economic Survey 2020 shows boda bodas and tuk tuk registration in the past year rose by 22,172 units, defying tough economic times that has hit most Kenyans.

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How do you become a safe boda rider in Uganda?

Any Driver seeking to become a SafeBoda Driver must first apply for and succeed in passing all the necessary requirements, including but not limited to: interview, satisfactory completion of background checks, completion of training and verification of vehicle.