Is 1st December a holiday in Ghana?

In 1988, the first Friday of every December was designated by the government as Farmers’ Day and is celebrated as a statutory Public Holiday.

What is the next holiday in Ghana?

List of Holidays in Ghana in 2021

Day Date Holiday Name
Tuesday Jul 20 Eidul-Adha
Wednesday Aug 04 Founders’ Day
Tuesday Sep 21 Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day
Friday Dec 03 Farmer’s Day

Is Monday a holiday in Ghana 2021?

This page contains a national calendar of all 2021 public holidays for Ghana.

Ghana Public Holidays 2021.

Date Day Holiday
7 Jan Thu Constitution Day
6 Mar Sat Independence Day
8 Mar Mon Independence Day Holiday
2 Apr Fri Good Friday

Which holiday is today?

National Holidays in India 2021

The country celebrates Republic Day on 26 January , Independence Day on 15 August and Gandhi Jayanti on 02 October every year.

Is 1st July still a holiday in Ghana?

This commemorative in Ghana and is celebrated on 1st July. This holiday commemorates Ghana becoming a republic on 1 July 1960. Until 2019, Republic Day was a public holiday. Under the Public Holiday Amendment Bill which was passed in March 2019, Republic Day becomes a commemorative day.

Is 1st January 2021 a holiday?

Apart from this, banks are also closed on national holidays, public holidays, and regional holidays (which differ from state to state).

Bank Holidays in January 2021.

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Date 1 January 2021
Day Friday
Holiday New Year’s Day
Bank Holiday in Across the country

Is today Dad’s Day?

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20, 2021!

Is 4th December a holiday in Ghana?

The general public is hereby reminded that Friday, 4th December, 2020 which marks Farmer’s Day is a statutory public holiday and should be observed as such throughout the country.

What republic is Ghana in now?

Fourth Republic (1993–present)

What holiday is 1st May in Ghana?


|Statutory Public Holidays|
Holiday Date Day
Easter Monday 5th April Monday
May Day (Workers’ Day) 1st May Saturday
Eid-Ul-Fitr *** ***