How much does an MRI scan cost in Kenya?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) costs between Sh16, 000 to Sh33, 000.

Can NHIF cover MRI?

Radiological services covered under some accredited outpatient hospitals include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT) scan, and Ultra Sound. … NHIF has published a list of accredited facilities offering CT scans, MRI scans, or both services.

How much does it cost for one MRI scan?

The cost of a single MRI scan ranges between $400 to $10,500 depending on the area of the body that is examined and where the MRI scan is performed. An average MRI machine costs more than $1 million dollars, so when a MRI scan is made, a high price is charged to cover the expense of the machine.

How much does CT scan cost in Kenya?

On average, a CT scan costs between Sh5, 000 and Sh12, 000. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) costs between Sh16, 000 to Sh33, 000. x-rays cost between Sh1, 200 and Sh3, 000 depending on the facility.

What does NHIF cover in Kenya?

NHIF covers outpatient services including consultation fees, physiotherapy services, drugs dispensation, laboratory examinations, wellness and counseling, health education, and immunization.

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Why is MRI so expensive?

Why MRIs Are So Expensive: Hospital Costs

Overhead costs can help explain why hospitals charge so much for MRIs. The hospital must buy the MRI equipment and then pay to keep it maintained and updated. … Because these specialty clinics focus on imaging, they typically do more MRIs than hospitals.

Is CT cheaper than MRI?

Cost: CT scans are almost half the price of MRIs. The average computed tomography scan costs around $1,200 while an MRI is about $2,000. Speed: CT scans take much less time than MRIs. The exact time required depends on whether you need a contrast dye for the procedure, but MRIs always require more time for the scan.

Can I pay for an MRI scan?

If a patient is admitted through the emergency department an MRI scan is free. If someone is referred for a scan by a GP, they are charged up to $500.

What is MRI scan for?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of scan that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. An MRI scanner is a large tube that contains powerful magnets. You lie inside the tube during the scan.

Does Linda Mama cover private hospitals?

Can Linda mama be used in any hospital? The answer is no. The cover can only be used in all public and some private hospitals.

Can I use my NHIF card in any hospital?

Can one use NHIF card in any hospital? … You can access inpatient services in any of the NHIF accredited hospital/ facility countrywide. However, you cannot walk-in to any hospital and demand outpatient services with your NHIF card. The facility has to be on your list.

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Does Nairobi hospital accept NHIF?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a health insurance provider in Kenya. … Patients around the capital city can enjoy these services through the accredited NHIF outpatient hospitals in Nairobi.