Best answer: What alcohol is popular in Nigeria?

Today, beer has become the most popular drink in the country but traditional beverages (palm wine, burukutu, ogogoro, pito) are still widely consumed in both rural and urban areas.

What is the most popular alcoholic drink in Nigeria?

Here are few alcoholic drinks out of so many on the list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria:

  • Guinness Stout. Guinness Stout tops my list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria. …
  • Heineken Beer. …
  • Trophy Beer. …
  • Goldberg Beer. …
  • Star Larger Beer. …
  • Harp Beer. …
  • Gulder Lager Beer. …
  • Hennessy Cognac.

What kind of alcohol do they drink in Nigeria?


Akpeteshie infused with herbs
Type Liquor
Alcohol by volume 30–60%
Proof (US) 60°–120°
Colour clear

What is the traditional drink of Nigeria?

Palm Wine. This is probably the most popular drink a local drink in Nigeria. It is consumed by almost all ethnic and tribal groups in Nigeria. The palm wine also plays a vital role in traditional celebrations as it is used to carry out several rites.

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Do Nigerian people drink alcohol?

Traditional alcoholic beverages have been consumed in Nigeria and other West African communities for centu- ries, and western commercial spirits, beer and wine have been available since pre-colonial days. … Distilled drinks have a high alcohol content, often higher than 40% or 80° proof (Obot 2000).

What is Nigerian vodka?

Absolut Vodka

Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff. It is quite popular among Nigerians.

Which beer has the highest alcohol in Nigeria?

Legend Extra Stout

Legend Extra Stout packs a punch with an ABV of 7.5%, making it the strongest beer on our top five list. Gulder Lager dates back to 1970 and is another offering by Nigerian Breweries.

Which beer is the best in Nigeria?


1 Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Nigeria) Guinness Nigeria
2 Legend Extra Stout (Nigeria) Nigerian Breweries PLC (Heineken)
3 Guinness Extra Smooth (Nigeria) Guinness Nigeria
4 33 Export (Nigeria) Consolidated Breweries

Which state drink beer most in Nigeria?

There, N74. 4 billion was spent on alcohol, making the states of Delta, Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Cross Rivers the section of the country inhabiting the most enthusiastic drinkers in the year.

Does Smirnoff have vodka?

Smirnoff (/ˈsmɪərnɒf/; Russian: [smʲɪrˈnof]) is a brand of vodka owned and produced by the British company Diageo. The Smirnoff brand began with a vodka distillery founded in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov (1831–1898). … Smirnoff products include vodka, flavoured vodka, and malt beverages.

What alcohol do they drink in Africa?

Africans have been making and imbibing alcoholic beverages from a wide array of fruits, grains and other natural substances for as far back as the historical record goes, and continue to do so: ranging from palm-wine in coastal West and East Africa, to banana beer in the Great Lakes region, to mead (tejj) in Ethiopia …

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Is Orijin beer?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Orijin is a Nigerian alcoholic beverage produced by Diaego/Guinness Nigeria PLC. Sold in dark-green 65-centilitre glass bottles and marketed with an ABV of 6%, Orijin is similar to beer in appearance and strength.

What alcohol is in moonshine?

Moonshine purists define the spirit as a homemade, unaged whiskey, marked by its clear color, corn base and high alcohol content—sometimes peaking as high as 190 proof. Traditionally, it was produced in a homemade still and bottled in a mason jar.

Which country consume alcohol most?

Here are the 10 countries with the most alcohol consumption:

  • Germany (12.79 liters/year)
  • Lithuania (12.78 liters/year)
  • Ireland (12.75 liters/year)
  • Spain (12.67 liters/year)
  • Uganda (12.48 liters/year)
  • Bulgaria (12.46 liters/year)
  • Luxembourg (12.45 liters/year)
  • Romania (12.34 liters/year)

What’s the drinking age in Nigeria?


Country De jure
Drinking age
Namibia None
Niger 18
Nigeria None (at national level)

Do Nigerians drink a lot?

For young people, it’s linked to mental health disorders in later and old age. In most parts of Nigeria, there’s very little control over the sale and distribution of alcohol. … According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria ranks second on the list of African countries for heavy episodic drinking.