Who covered Africa by Toto?

Weezer Covers Toto’s ‘Africa,’ Taking Us Deep Into The Internet’s Heart Of Beigeness : The Record At the behest of a 14-year-old fan who launched a Twitter campaign, the forever-game pop-punk faves have covered one of the Internet’s favorite songs.

Who has covered the song Africa?


Title Performer Release date
Africa Toto 1982
Africa Key of Dreams 1982
Africa The Frankfurt Rock Orchestra feat. Bobby Kimball 1990
Africa Voice of Africa 1993

How many times has the song Africa been covered?

For a song so that practically defines the slickness of ’80s light rock, Toto’s “Africa” sure has lent itself to numerous arrangements over the years. We’ve found 41 covers of the 1982 hit, which was originally released on the Grammy-winning Toto IV.

Why did Weezer cover Africa?

After all, if it aint broke… But why did they decide to cover the 1982 hit in the first place? Apparently it’s all down to a Twitter account called @weezerafrica. As Noisey reports, 14-year-old Mary from the Cleveland area set up an account with one aim in mind: To get the band to “bless the rains down in Africa.”

What did Weezer cover?

Songs covered by Weezer

Song Play Count
Africa (Toto cover) 142
Happy Together (The Turtles cover) 100
Take On Me (a‐ha cover) 94
Song 2 (Blur cover) 62
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Who wrote the song Africa by Toto?

Africa by Toto has been voted the greatest song of all time. … Toto released Africa in 1982, with the track forming out part of their fourth and most critically acclaimed studio album, Toto IV. You can listen to the sonic classic in its entirety below.

Is Africa by Toto or Weezer?

“Africa” has become an unexpected hit for Weezer as its their first Number One song ever on Billboard’s Rock Airplay Chart and their first Hot 100-charting single in over 12 years.

Does Weird Al really sing Africa?

Weezer asked Al to star in their video for their cover of Toto’s “Africa” – so he did! Previously (on Aug. 8, 2018), Al had jumped up on stage with Weezer at the Los Angeles Forum and played the song with them – you can see fan-documented evidence here, here, here, and here.

Who originally made Africa?


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