Where is the African Rift Valley located?

The Rift Valley, located in Eastern Africa, covers just over 2% of the continent and spreads over seven countries (Map 5 and Table 29). min. max. The Rift Valley consists of a group of independent interior basins, extending from Djibouti in the north to Tanzania in the south, nearly half being located in Ethiopia.

What countries are in the African Rift Valley?

The EAR runs from the Afar Triple Junction in the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia through eastern Africa, terminating in Mozambique. The EAR transects through Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.

Does Africa have a Rift Valley?

East African Rift System, also called Afro-Arabian Rift Valley, one of the most extensive rifts on Earth’s surface, extending from Jordan in southwestern Asia southward through eastern Africa to Mozambique. The system is some 4,000 miles (6,400 km) long and averages 30–40 miles (48–64 km) wide.

Where are valleys found in Africa?

Escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and head for the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, visiting the 5 valleys that make the region famous: Ourika, Oukaimeden, having traditional berber lunch in Sidi Fares valley and discover more captivating scenery by continuing to Asni and Tahnaout valleys.

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Where is rift valley located in India?

In India on the southern slopes of the Vindhyachal mountain ranges, at the Malwa plateau escarpment boundary is formed, under which the rift valley is formed and Narmada river flows in this valley in west direction.

Where is the rift valley in Ethiopia?

The Great Rift Valley lies between the Ethiopian Plateau to the north and the Somalia Plateau to the south. The rift developed as the Nubian and Somali plates began to separate during the Miocene Period along the East African rift system.

Why is the rift valley important to Africa?

The system of rift valleys that characterizes the African continent represents a perfect environment to understand the evolution of mankind; for the important paleoanthropological discoveries in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire, the African rift valleys are indeed considered the “cradle of mankind”, that is …

What is the largest rift valley in the world?

The largest and deepest rift valley yet discovered is not on Earth—it’s on Mars. Valles Marineris was formed millions of years ago, when the rocky Martian lithosphere was still rifting and shifting. Valles Marineris reaches depths of up to 7 kilometers (4 miles) and spans about 4,000 kilometers (2,500 miles) long.

What caused the African rift valley?

Geologists know that the Rift Valley was formed by violent subterranean forces that tore apart the earth’s crust. These forces caused huge chunks of the crust to sink between parallel fault lines and force up molten rock in volcanic eruptions.

Where can valleys be found?

Valleys are most commonly drained by rivers and may occur in a relatively flat plain or between ranges of hills or mountains. Those valleys produced by tectonic action are called rift valleys.

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Does south Africa have a valley?

The Breede River valley stretches from McGregor in the south and Gouda in the west, to Montagu in the east and the Karoo in the north with the N1 passing virtually through its centre in a north easterly direction.

Where does Rift Valley start and end?

Come and visit the Great Rift Valley.

The Rift Valley starts all the way from Jordan, Middle-East, and runs through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Malawi, and ends near the coastal town of Solada in Mozambique.

How old is the Great Rift Valley?

It is 30 million years old and exhibits extensive volcanism, having produced Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. The Great Rift Valley is a series of connected rift valleys.

Where are valleys located in India?

List of valleys in India

Name Location
Pindar Valley, Kumaon, Uttarakhand
Sangla Valley Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh
Sandhan Valley Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra
Satluj Valley Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh

How deep is the Great Rift Valley?

The Great Rift Valley runs north to south for 5000 km, varies in width from 30-100 km, and is between several hundred to several thousand metres deep at any given point.