What percentage of cocoa does Africa produce?

Seventy percent of the world cocoa production is produced by small holders in West Africa.

What percentage of cocoa comes from Africa?

African nations produced 2.45 million tonnes (69%), Asia and Oceania 0.61 million tonnes (17%) and the Americas 0.48 million tonnes (14%). Two African nations, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, produce more than half of the world’s cocoa, with 1.23 and 0.73 million tonnes respectively (35% and 21%, respectively).

Who is the largest producer of cocoa?

The Ivory Coast and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa, accounting for more than 50 percent of the world´s cocoa.

Which country is the largest producer of cocoa in the world 2021?

Cote d’Ivoire is the biggest producer of cocoa beans in the world, producing over 2 million tons. In fact, Ivoirians count on cocoa exports for 40% of their export revenue, which means that their national economy is highly dependent on the price of cocoa.

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Which country produce more cocoa in Africa?

Most cocoa is produced in West Africa

Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa, accounting for over 60% of global cocoa production, followed by Ecuador with seven percent.

Why is chocolate not made in Africa?

Anna Jones (Letters, 18 September) asks, “why can’t the chocolate be made in Africa?” The answer is simple: it can. … Therefore the company makes chocolate for the local market; it’s a bit on the hard side, so that it can be kept in stores without air-conditioning, and Ghanaians do not think very much of it.

How did cacao get to Africa?

The credit of having first brought the cacao tree from the New World to the African tropics undoubtedly goes to the Portuguese. They are reputed to have planted cacao on the island of San Thome” (off French Gabon) as far back as 1822.

Which country produces the best quality cocoa?

Best cocoa production in the world

Currently, Ecuador is the country where the highest quality cocoa is found.

Which African National is famous for chocolate?

Ghana, Ivory Coast are marketing more chocolate to the world — Quartz Africa.

Which country is known for producing chocolate?

The four top chocolate-producing countries are Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Poland. Belgium is one of the largest producers, and much of the chocolate is still made by hand.

What country sells the most chocolate?

Germany was the leading chocolate exporting country worldwide in 2020. The country exported almost five billion U.S. dollars worth of chocolate in that year.

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What country is the largest exporter of cocoa beans?

In 2019, Ivory Coast was the world’s leading cocoa bean exporter, based on export value. That year, the Ivory Coast exported about 3.57 billion U.S. dollars worth of cocoa beans worldwide.

Leading cocoa bean exporters worldwide in 2019 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Export value in million U.S. dollars

Who sells the most chocolate in the world?

Top 10 Largest Chocolate Companies in the World 2020

Rank Companies 2019 Net Sales (US$ billion)
1 Mars Wrigley Confectionery (USA) 18
2 Ferrero Group (Luxembourg / Italy) 13
3 Mondelēz International (USA) 11.8
4 Meiji Co Ltd (Japan) 9.7

How much cocoa is grown in Africa?

West Africa collectively supplies two thirds of the world’s cocoa crop, with Ivory Coast leading production at 1.8 million tonnes as of 2017, and nearby Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Togo producing additional 1.55 million tonnes.

Does Ghana produce cocoa?

Ghana has increased its own cocoa processing in recent years, from 200,000 tonnes to 400,000 tonnes in 2019, but it mostly remains at the stage of semi-finished products. The major share of value in a chocolate bar is still generated abroad. The reason is the importance of cocoa for Ghana’s foreign exchange earnings.

Who introduced cocoa in Africa?

In Nigeria, the position is very similar to that of the Gold Coast. For cocoa is alleged to have been first introduced there by a native chief called “Squiss Banego” in 1874—also from Fernando Po. He established a cocoa farm in the Bonny district and cultivation spread.

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