What is the oldest wine farm in South Africa?

Groot Constantia is one of them, and as South Africa’s oldest wine farm (332 years old this year) is also one of the oldest brands in the world which has reached iconic status – something which was verified in the winning of the SA Wine Icon category in the recent Klink Awards.

What is the oldest winery in South Africa?

The oldest winery in South Africa, Groot Constantia has a long history of producing some of the best wines in the world. Groot Constantia is also a rarity in its proximity to Cape Town itself.

When was the first wine made in South Africa?

In 1659 the first South African wine made from French Muscadel grapes was successfully produced. As production was small, the wine produced in the Cape settlement was initially intended solely for export to the trading port of Batavia.

What is the oldest winery?

Staffelter Hof, Germany. Located in the small town of Kröv in the Mosel Valley of Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state, Staffelter Hof is the world’s oldest operating winery. It traces its lineage to the Benedictine abbey of Stavelot monastery established more than 1150 years ago.

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What is the oldest wine farm in Franschhoek?

Allée Bleue – 1690, Franschhoek Valley

Known as one of the oldest wine farms in the Cape, Allée Bleue is situated in the Franschhoek (French corner) Valley, which was settled by the French Huguenots who first arrived there in the late 1600s.

How long has South Africa been making wine?

The first harvest was made on 2 February 1659 (as noted in Van Riebeeck’s log) seven years after the landing in 1652. The man succeeding Van Riebeeck as governor of the Cape of Good Hope, Simon van der Stel, sought to improve the quality of viticulture in the region.

Who was the first Cape wine farmer?

In the early 1650s, Cape Town was established as a refreshment station along the Spice Route between Europe and Asia, and the first vines were planted by the Dutch governor, Jan van Riebeeck.

Who started the wine industry in South Africa?

Three Centuries of Cape Wine

But much more evolved than that – the establishment of a trading station led to a flourishing wine industry and later to the birth of a nation. Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape, planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes.

Which was the first wine route in South Africa?

In 1971, Stellenbosch became the first wine region in South Africa to establish a wine route as an organised network of wineries for visitors.

How many wine farms are there in South Africa?

21 Wine Estates in South Africa.

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Is South Africa an old world wine country?

South Africa: As far as “new world” goes, South African wine is definitely the oldest, having been first planted in the 1600s. It’s hardly new here. But the combination of European influence and gradual transformation forces it into the new world category by definition.

Which country has the oldest wine making history?

Wine fermentation

  • 6000 BC), Iran (c.
  • 5000 BC), Greece (c.
  • 4500 BC), and Sicily (c.
  • 4000 BC). The earliest evidence of steady production of wine has been found in Armenia (c.
  • 4100 BC) while the earliest evidence of a grape and rice mixed based fermented drink was found in ancient China (c.
  • 7000 BC),.

Who first invented wine?

In 2011, a wine press and fermentation jars from about 6,000 years ago were found in a cave in Armenia. The world’s earliest non-grape based wine is believe to be a fermented alcoholic beverage of rice, honey and fruit found in China and dating to about 7,000 BC.

Who owns boschendal?

One of the oldest farms in South Africa, founded in 1685, the farm has grown with the passing centuries into a cherished source of wholesome produce, great wines and happy memories. In 2013 Boschendal was acquired by new owners, led by Sam and Rob Lundie, with the intention of rejuvinating this magnificent property.

Who owns Groot Constantia Trust?

The Cloete Era – In December 1778 Hendrik Cloete, from the farm Nooitgedacht near Stellenbosch, became the new owner of Groot Constantia. The Cloete family lived up to the estate’s founder Simon van der Stel’s value of constancy, making the estate their home for five generations.

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How many wine farms are there in Franschhoek?

40 Wine Estates in Franschhoek.