What is the longest pass in South Africa?

Longest: Prince Alfred’s Pass, Western Cape – 68.2km.

What is the longest mountain pass in South Africa?

Longest: Prince Alfred’s Pass, Western Cape – 68.2km.

What is the highest pass in South Africa?

The Tlaeng Pass lies over the South African border in Lesotho – the highest road pass in Southern Africa, and Africa’s highest drivable pass. The summit of Tlaeng Pass lies 3251 metres above sea level, a desolate landscape known as the Roof of Africa.

How many mountain passes are there in South Africa?

There are an estimated 490 Mountain Passes in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape alone. Many are no longer in use. Some are difficult to distinguish, but each was and still is homage to the region’s growth and development. The South African Mountain Passes are objects of great beauty.

Where is the Prince Albert pass?

Prince Alfred’s Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.038m (3,405ft) above the sea level, located in the Western Cape, in South Africa. The road cuts through dense forest and climbs 700 metres in just 14 kilometres.

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How high is Van Rhyns pass?

This beautiful tarred pass forms part of the R27 between Vanrhynsdorp and Nieuwoudtville and was originally built and designed by Thomas Bain. It is just under 9 km in length and climbs 595m to summit at 825m ASL, producing an average gradient of 1:15 with the steepest sections being at l:12.

Which town in South Africa has the highest altitude?

Due to its high elevation (Dullstroom being the highest town in South Africa itself), Dullstroom has a subtropical highland climate (Köppen: Cwb).

What is the highest town in the world?

Tucked away in the eastern Andes Mountains, about 5,000 meters (3 miles) above sea level, the town of La Rinconada is the highest permanent settlement in the world.

What is the lowest point in South Africa?

Geography of South Africa

Continent Africa
Highest point Mafadi 3,450 metres (11,320 ft)
Lowest point Sea level 0 m
Longest river Orange River 2,200 kilometres (1,400 mi)
Largest lake Lake Chrissie

How long is the Montagu Pass?

The Montagu Pass lays claim to being the oldest, unaltered pass still in use in South Africa. This 7.4km narrow gravel road was completed in 1848 and built to replace the highly dangerous Cradock Pass. The pass climbs to an altitude of 780m passing through indigenous forest and mountain fynbos.

Who built the Outeniqua Pass?

In 1847, a vastly improved Montagu Pass was constructed by convict labour, and named after the Colonial Secretary, John Montagu. In 1943, to cope with the increasing demands of modern traffic, construction was started on the Outeniqua Pass, using the labour of Italian prisoners of war.

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What was the pass law during apartheid?

The Pass Laws Act of 1952 required black South Africans over the age of 16 to carry a pass book, known as a dompas, everywhere and at all times. The dompas was similar to a passport, but it contained more pages filled with more extensive information than a normal passport.

How long is Prince Albert pass?

The Pass is a 27 km-long gravel road with steep inclines. It lies on the R328 and is the shortest route between Prince Albert and Oudtshoorn. It takes about 1 hour to drive the entire length of the Pass.

Why is the Bloukrans Pass closed?

The Bloukrans Pass was closed. An alternative road was no longer an option, which was unfortunate but understandable due to the extensive damage. … The Bloukrans River separates the Eastern Cape and Western Cape and as a result of the damage of 2007, only half of road was repaired.

Is the R340 a tar road?

The R339 is a Regional Route in South Africa that connects Knysna with Uniondale via Avontuur. It is primarily a gravel road and crosses the Langkloof Mountains at Prince Alfred’s pass.

R339 (South Africa)

Regional route R339
North end R341
N9 R62 R340
South end N2
Highway system