What is GBV in South Africa?

In South Africa, sometimes known as the ‘destination of femicide’, more than 2,700 women have been murdered as result of gender-based violence (GBV) since 2000. Although grassroots organisations have persistently campaigned to end GBV, many women in South Africa continue to suffer abuse.

What does GBV mean?

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious violation of human rights and a life-threatening health and protection issue. It is estimated that one in three women will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

What is gender-based violence South Africa?

GBV is a term used to describe violence directed at an individual based on their gender. This violence includes verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. Although both men and women experience GBV, the statistics in South Africa show that most of the victims are women and girls.

What are the 6 types of GBV?

Types of gender-based violence

  • psychological violence (Art. …
  • stalking (Art. …
  • physical violence (Art. …
  • forced marriages (Art. …
  • sexual violence, including rape (Art. …
  • female genital mutilation (Art. …
  • forced abortion and forced sterilisation (Art. …
  • sexual harassment (Art.
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What are the examples of GBV?

Some examples of GBV against women include domestic violence, sex-based harassment, female genital mutilation, forced marriages or online violence. At an international setting, there has long been a call to end GBV, which affects around 35% of women worldwide.

What causes GBV?

1.2 What are the main causes of GBV? Gender-based violence is deeply rooted in discriminatory cultural beliefs and attitudes that perpetuate inequality and powerlessness, in particular of women and girls. … The result is often an increase in both the frequency and brutality of gender-based violence.

What are the 3 types of violence?

It divides violence into three broad categories according to who the perpetrators and victims are of violent acts:

  • Self-directed violence.
  • Interpersonal violence.
  • Collective violence.

Where can victims of GBV get help?

Contact us

  • CALL NOW 0800 428 428. Emergency Line.
  • (PLEASE CALL ME) *120* 7867# supported by a USSD.
  • Skype address – HelpmeGbv. for members of deaf community.
  • SMS ‘help’ to 31531. for persons with disability.

How can we stop GBV in South Africa?

What can be done to prevent GBV?

  1. high school learners in classroom sessions and after-school workshops;
  2. high school teachers and staff through skills building workshops; and.
  3. caregivers (e.g. parents) of young teenagers through weekend workshops.

What can be done to eliminate GBV in South Africa?

Six actions we can take to end GBV

  • Funding women’s full participation in civil society: …
  • Scaling the efforts for addressing unequal gender power relations. …
  • Providing GBV clinical services in lower-level health facilities. …
  • Addressing the needs of child survivors. …
  • Developing practical guidance for building whole systems.
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What causes GBV in South Africa?

GBV occurs as a result of normative role expectations and unequal power relationships between genders in a society. The expectations associated with different genders vary from society to society and over time.

What is the most common form of GBV?

Intimate partner violence (IPV)

IPV is the most common form of GBV and includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and controlling behaviours by a current or former intimate partner or spouse, and can occur in heterosexual or same-sex couples [5].