What does chisom mean in Africa?

What does chisom mean?

Meaning : God is with me.

What does chisom mean in Nigeria?

Chisom. Meaning: God is with me.

Where is the name chisom from?

The name Chisom comes from the Boernician Scottish-English border region.

Is the name chisom male or female?

Chisom – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Who is chisom Steve?

Chisom Steve was born on 15th February 1999 in Nigerian. By profession, she is the most popular Actress, model, dancer, writer, TV personality in Nigeria. She hails from Enugu State, Nigeria but currently based in Asaba, Delta State. … Chisom is a full-time model and has worked the runway twice.

What is the meaning of Uche?

Uche is a Nigerian name originating among the Igbo people, which can mean “intention”, “will”, “mind”, or “sense”. Variants can include Uchechukwu or Uchenna (which means “God’s will” or “God’s intention”), Ucheoma (which means “beautiful mind”), and Uchendu (which means “thinking/thought of life”).

What does chinenye mean?

Chinenye is an Igbo language female given name of Nigeria. It is a contraction of Igbo “chi na-enye” or “chineke na-enye” and literally means “God gives.” The name may refer to: Chinenye Akinlade (born 1980), Nigerian beauty pageant titleholder. Chinenye Fidelis (born 1993), Nigerian female weightlifter.

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What is the meaning of ozioma?

Meaning : Good message/news.

What is the meaning of chinonso?

Means “God is nearby” in Igbo.