Quick Answer: Who wrote the first African novel?

Who was the first African to write a novel?

In 1911, Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford (also known as Ekra-Agiman) of the Gold Coast (now Ghana) published what is probably the first African novel written in English, Ethiopia Unbound: Studies in Race Emancipation.

What is the origin of African novel?

African literature has origins dating back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphs, or writing which uses pictures to represent words. … Sub-Saharan Africa developed a written literature during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Who is the famous African writer?

One of the world’s most widely recognized and praised writers, Chinua Achebe wrote some of the most extraordinary works of the 20th century.

Who wrote books about Africa?

The continent’s abundant literary riches

South African writers have been celebrated in Europe and the US for decades, from Alan Paton, Chinua Achebe, and Nadine Gordimer to Athol Fugard and J. M. Coetzee. (Two of them—Gordimer and Coetzee—have won the Nobel Prize for Literature.)

Who wrote the first book published in English by an African?

Ethiopia Unbound was one of such writings, which is said to be the first African novel written in English by one of Ghana’s greatest authors and leading Pan-African nationalist, Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford in 1911.

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Who is father of African literature?

When Chinua Achebe died in March, he was mourned around the world, proclaimed as the “Father of African Literature,” as the author of contemporary classics such as Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease, and as a perennial Nobel Prize candidate.

How many Africans were removed from Africa?


Over the period of the Atlantic Slave Trade, from approximately 1526 to 1867, some 12.5 million slaves were shipped from Africa, and 10.7 million arrived in the Americas.

When did African literature start?

Early African Literature: An Anthology of Written Texts from 3000 BCE to 1900 CE.

What is African written fiction?

Although storytelling is a universal human activity, the term “African fiction” refers to a European genre of storytelling—comprised of secular novels and short stories—that Africans have adopted and adapted to represent continental African realities in the wake of nineteenth- and twentieth-century European colonialism …

Who is Wally Soyinka?

Wole Soyinka, in full Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka, (born July 13, 1934, Abeokuta, Nigeria), Nigerian playwright and political activist who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986.

Who wrote concubine?

Elechi Amadi
The Concubine/Авторы
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