Question: When South Africa added into Brics?

South Africa joined the important bloc of emerging economies in December 2010, in line with the country’s foreign policy to strengthen South-South relations. The ninth BRICS Summit will be held in Xiamen City, China from 3 to 5 September 2017.

Why did South Africa join BRICS?

If Africa could improve its technology, education and governance standards, as well as strengthen its trade and infrastructure links – and here South Africa has a role to play and its presence in the BRICS further strengthens its position.

Which country was recently added to the BRICS to form the BRICS?

China and India will become the world’s dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services, respectively, while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials. As of 2010, South Africa joined the group, which is now referred to as BRICS.

When did BRICS start?

июнь 2006
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