Is there a president in South Africa?

Южная Африка

What are the names of South African presidents?

South African heads of states’ ages

# Head of state Date of inauguration
9 Thabo Mbeki 16 June 1999
10 Kgalema Motlanthe 25 September 2008
11 Jacob Zuma 9 May 2009
12 Cyril Ramaphosa 14 February 2018

Who rules South Africa?

Jacob Zuma served as President of South Africa since 9 May 2009 until his resignation in February 2018. Zuma was replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa. The country’s 2019 general election was held on 8 May.

Politics of South Africa
Head of State and Government
Title President
Currently Cyril Ramaphosa
Appointer National Assembly

Who was president after Mandela?

End of term

Mandela left office on 14 June 1999. He was succeeded by Mbeki, who was inaugurated to the presidency on 16 June. Mandela retired from active politics, and became, for several years afterward, engaged in a number of philanthropic activities.

How old is Ramaphosa?

69 years (November 17, 1952)
Сирил Рамафоса/Возраст
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