How much is a kg of platinum in South Africa?

How much does platinum cost in South Africa?

South Africa Platinum Price: Rand data was reported at 11,251.710 ZAR in Aug 2018.

How much does 100g of platinum cost?

PAMP 100 Gram Platinum Bar Minted

QTY Wire Transfer Price Per Unit
1+ $3,375
2+ $3,363
5+ $3,346
10+ $3,335

How much is platinum price today?

Platinum Price in Canadian Dollars

Platinum Spot Price Platinum Price Today Change
Platinum price per ounce 1,312.11 -6.59
Platinum price per gram 42.19 -0.21
Platinum price per kilo 42,185.22 -211.75
Platinum price in pennyweight 65.61 -0.33

How much is 500g of platinum?

The Royal Mint Refinery (RMR) 500g platinum bar contains 500g (half a kilogram) of 999.5 fine platinum.

Our pricing* (estimated)

Quantity Unit Price (ex VAT)
1 £12,580.36
2+ £12,564.08
5+ £12,547.81
10+ £12,531.53

Is platinum expensive than gold?

Platinum: Despite being nearly identical in appearance, platinum is more valuable than gold. Platinum’s high price point can be attributed to its rarity and density as precious metals are often priced by their weight.

How much is 5kg of pure platinum?

Platinum Price Per Ounce in US Dollar

Kilo US Dollar US Dollar
5 Kilo = 157377.9 USD 5 USD =
10 Kilo = 314755.81 USD 10 USD =
20 Kilo = 629511.62 USD 20 USD =
25 Kilo = 786889.52 USD 25 USD =
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What is platinum vs gold?

Platinum lasts longer and can require less upkeep than gold. It’s pure, hypoallergenic, and a classic option. However, gold is more malleable, scratch-resistant, and affordable. Gold also comes in several color options whereas platinum is always silver-white colored.

Where is platinum found in South Africa?

Marikana is located near Rustenburg, about 112km from Johannesburg in South Africa. It is a producer of platinum group minerals (PGMs) and covers an area of 33km².

How much can you get for platinum?

Reclaim, Recycle, and Sell your Precious Metal Scrap

Today’s Metal Prices
November 26, 2021
Silver $23.24
Platinum $962.00
Palladium $1,702.00

How much is a brick of platinum worth?

How much is a platinum bar worth?

Weight This platinum bar is worth
1 oz platinum bar You can sell a 1 oz platinum bar for $921.24, today.
50 gram platinum bar You can sell a 50 gram platinum bar for $1481.10, today.
100 gram platinum bar You can sell a 100 gram platinum bar for $2962.20, today.