How do you pack lights on an African safari?

How do you pack light and look good?

Minimalist Packing Step 1: Create a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

  1. Think separate pieces, not outfits.
  2. If you’re only going to wear it once, don’t bring it.
  3. Bring neutrals, but throw in some color.
  4. Add textured pieces to make your capsule wardrobe more exciting.
  5. Don’t be afraid of prints!

What can you not bring on safari?

Here’s the “must-haves” to pack for your safari:

  • A) T-shirt, shirt or blouse – long sleeves and collars help to protect from the sun and mosquitoes.
  • B) Fleece or warm jacket.
  • C) A pair of safari trousers – those that zip off at the knees are very handy, too.
  • D) Comfortable walking shoes (or boots) and socks.
  • E) Hat.

What should I pack for an African safari?

What Safari Packing List Essentials to Pack for All Safaris (per person):

  • 1 wide-brim Safari Hat.
  • 1 Safari Beanie for winter.
  • 3 Safari Shirts.
  • 1 warm Safari Fleece or Jacket.
  • 1 optional Safari Dress or Skorts for women.
  • 2 pairs of Safari Trousers and/or Shorts.
  • 2 pairs Safari Socks.
  • 1 pair Safari Shoes.
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What colors are best for safari?


What colour should you wear on safari? We recommend neutral safari clothing for your African travels. This includes shades of khaki, brown, beige/tan, and green. These colours blend in well with the bush and are best-suited to safari travel for a few important reasons.

How do I decide what to pack?

Pack Clothes In Three Coordinating Colors

When deciding what clothes to pack, choose pieces in three matching colors so you can mix and match each piece to create multiple outfits for different days, or even different occasions. Pick the colors based on where you’re going.

How do you not look like a slob?

Here are some ways to avoid looking like a slob at work!

  1. Dress the Part. As you’re assembling your wardrobe, make sure you understand the dress code. …
  2. Keep Your Work Space Tidy. …
  3. Avoid Looking Like a Slob by Eating Your Breakfast Before You Arrive. …
  4. Have Confidence in Yourself and Your Appearance.

Can you wear jeans on safari?

Jeans are a must-have when it comes to what to wear on safari! You’ll also want to have a comfortable pair of pants that you can wear around the campsite at night. Safari Packing Tip: Make sure you’re packing light. You should need no more than 5 pairs of safari pants.

What color should you not wear on an African safari?

Avoid black and dark blue clothing (both colors attract tsetse flies), and leave bright-white items at home; safari parks are often dusty, and white clothes may get dingy. You want to see wildlife on safari, not look like it!

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What is the best month to go on an African safari?

Conventional wisdom suggests the best time to go on safari is during the dry season, which is June to October for the majority of sub-Saharan Africa. It’s easier to spot animals at this time, because they gather at water sources due to the scarcity. However, Africa’s seasonality is legendary.

What size bag do I need for safari?

3. The ideal size for main safari luggage: We recommend that your main safari luggage holdall or duffel should measure 70 x 30 x 30cm in size when full.

What should I wear on a safari trip?

Your typical safari outfit is going to look something like this:

  • Neutral-colored shorts.
  • Neutral-colored sleeveless shirt.
  • Breathable socks and sports bra.
  • Comfortable tennis shoes.
  • A hat, sunglasses, and a nice layer of sunscreen.

What do you wear to safari Park?

A pair of comfortable long trousers or two, and a pair of shorts. Combat style trousers and shorts are ideal safari gear as they have several pockets, great for storing compact binoculars, suncream, camera etc.

Can I wear GREY on safari?

So light weight pants in light colors like cream,khaki and Chinos or grey are good for the game drives and walks. At night you will want to cover up to avoid mosquito bites especially in areas with malaria so save your shorts for the day time. We recommend Rogue Long Sleeve Shirt in Safari Light Brown.

What colors attract tsetse flies?

The tsetse fly is attracted to bright colors, very dark colors, metallic fabric, and the color blue.”

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How should I pack for Africa?

Pack these essentials and stay cool, kind of.

  1. Light cotton t-shirts (avoid bright colours, especially for safari)
  2. Shorts (not too short, ladies)
  3. Swimwear.
  4. Loose fitting clothing like harem pants.
  5. A hat – but not the wide brimmed kind you see in safari photos.