How do I extend my house in South Africa?

How much does it cost to extend a house in South Africa?

A single-storey extension

The average costs for a free-standing house is approximately R5 940 per square metre; however, it is quite possible to build a low-cost house for less than R5 000 per m², as well as pay well above R20 000 per m².

Can I extend my house without permission?

The answer is no. You do not need planning permission for all extensions depending on the size, without planning permission you can build up to six metres or eight if your house is detached. … Single storey extensions cannot extend beyond the rear wall of the original building by more than 8 metres.

Can you extend an existing house?

If you are looking for a cost effective way of extending your home, into another bedroom or living space, then a garage conversion is probably the best way to achieve this. A builder can work with the existing structure and convert this space into a practical addition to you home, giving you valuable new living space.

How much would it cost to extend a house?

Single-story extensions can cost anywhere between $1,350 per m2 and $2,100 per m2. As well as the floor area, the cost depends on the design and materials. According to Domain, the cost of adding an 80m2 ground-floor extension ranges from $164,526 to $310,896.

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How can I extend my house cheaply?

If you do decide that an extension is the best solution for adding valuable space, then think about the following to keep within budget:

  1. Stick to a simple configuration. …
  2. Use simple building materials. …
  3. Plan in standard fittings. …
  4. Don’t be lured by fashionable brands. …
  5. Keep the groundworks simple. …
  6. Party Walls. …
  7. Planning Permission.

Is it cheaper to extend or build up?

Is it cheaper to build up or out? The first question that any renovator needs to ask is ‘what’s my budget’. If it’s tight, the balance should tilt in favour of extending. … It’s estimated that building up will cost about 30% more than building out.

Do you need an architect for an extension?

Will I need planning permission for extension work? For a full planning application you will need professional architecture drawings, so the answer would be Yes. … Your architect should be able to create your more detailed building regulations drawings, and instruct a structural engineer on your behalf.

How far can you extend with planning permission 2021?

If your extension is one storey, it can extend up to six metres from the property – although if your house is detached, this is extended to 8 metres.

What are the rules for extensions?

You can extend up to four metres at the rear of a detached home, or three metres behind a semi or a terrace house. However, the extension must not take up more than half of the outside space and the materials used need to be in keeping with the original house.

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How do you expand a house?

Expand your present house by putting on an addition or adding space to the house in any one or all of the following ways. Decide how many more rooms you need. Also decide what these rooms will be, such as extra bedrooms, a bath, a den or something else. Expand your house upwards, downwards or outwards.

Are extensions worth it?

Whether you have a bundle of joy on the way, a house filled with teenagers or simply want to create the perfect haven for relaxation, a home extension is ideal for enhancing living space. Not only are extensions a cost-effective alternative to moving, but they also add property value should you sell up in the future.