How can I use WhatsApp in South Africa?

Can I use WhatsApp in South Africa?

Most South Africans use WhatsApp as their primary mode of communication. … Of the 25 million active social media users in South Africa, between the ages 16 to 64, 93.2% use the app. Besides sending text messages, WhatsApp can also be used for audio and video calls, photo and video sharing and group chats.

Is WhatsApp free in Africa?

Even without the WhatsApp business account, the free multimedia platform tied to the user’s phone number gives access to features like group chats, voice notes, messages, videos, images, voice/video calls, images, status, documents and whatnot.

Are WhatsApp calls free in South Africa?

In fact, Vodacom, MTN and Cell all set their 1GB bundle at the same price – R149. That means consumers are paying 15 cents per megabyte. Across all three networks, a WhatsApp video call costs 75 cents per minute, and users pay R1 for every 75 seconds they are on the chat.

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How much does it cost to use WhatsApp?

The main draw of WhatsApp is it allows you to send and receive calls and messages using only an internet connection, which means it’s virtually free to use and ideal for international calling. There are no fees to sign up, and no data plan allowances to worry about.

Is it cheaper to phone on WhatsApp?

When doing a voice call to a contact via the WhatsApp app, you don’t get charged for the phone call as it isn’t really a phone call. … When using WhatsApp over Wi-Fi, you don’t use up any of your cellular data so try to connect to Wi-Fi when possible.

How much does WhatsApp cost in South Africa?

Real costs to send a WhatsApp message in South Africa

WhatsApp Message Vodacom Rain
Photo R0.013 R0.008
Video (10 seconds) R0.25 R0.15
Voice call (1 minute) R0.03 R0.018
Video Call (1 minute) R0.37 R0.22

Which country uses WhatsApp the most in Africa?

WhatsApp’s market penetration, by country

Position Country % of WhatsApp users
1. Kenya 97%
2. South Africa 96%
3. Nigeria 95%
4. Argentina 93%

Where is WhatsApp most popular?

Global WhatsApp users in selected countries 2021

There are over 487 million WhatsApp users in India alone, making it the leading country in terms of WhatsApp audience size. Second-ranked Brazil had 118.5 million WhatsApp messenger users. WhatsApp is the mobile messenger is the most popular messaging service worldwide.

How WhatsApp can be misused?

Possible misuse of this flaw is when you change your Handset or Mobile No. When you change your handset without uninstalling WhatsApp than anyone can use WhatsApp linked to your mobile no from old handset. In short, Without using your SIM he/she can send messages from your mobile number through old handset.

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How much data does a 15 minute WhatsApp video call use?

Now, the data consumption – On an average, it was about 2.9MB to 3.4MB of data used per minute for the video call done through WhatsApp.

How much data does a 1 hour WhatsApp call use?

WhatsApp relies on internet speed and thus consumes around 740Kb per minute over a voice call. The data consumption is further increased while making a WhatsApp video call.

Can you call on WhatsApp without WIFI?

Voice calling lets you call your contacts using WhatsApp for free, even if they’re in another country. Voice calling uses your phone’s internet connection rather than your mobile plan’s minutes. Data charges may apply.

Is the app WhatsApp free?

What is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a free app for iPhones, Android smartphones, Macs and Windows PCs. It allows you to send messages, pictures, videos and even voice recordings, and to make voice and video calls over the internet for free, rather than paying to do the same using your mobile network.

Does WhatsApp give you a phone number?

No, WhatsApp does not give users a new phone number. … This number is then visible to contacts and can not be hidden. Users don’t technically need to provide their own personal number, but they must have access to whatever device they text an initial verification code to.