Frequent question: What does South Africa import to Germany?

What products does South Africa import?

South Africa main imports are: machinery (23.5 percent of total imports), mineral products (15.1 percent), vehicles and aircraft vessels (10 percent), chemicals (10.9 percent), equipment components (8.1 percent) and iron and steel products (5.3 percent).

What does SA export to Germany?

In 2019, South Africa exported $8.1B to Germany. The main products exported from South Africa to Germany were Cars ($3.7B), Iron Ore ($808M), and Centrifuges ($666M). During the last 24 years the exports of South Africa to Germany have increased at an annualized rate of 6.34%, from $1.85B in 1995 to $8.1B in 2019.

What are Germany’s top 3 imports?

Imports The top imports of Germany are Cars ($75B), Vehicle Parts ($41.1B), Packaged Medicaments ($30.5B), Crude Petroleum ($29.4B), and Refined Petroleum ($23.5B), importing mostly from Netherlands ($106B), China ($96.9B), France ($76.2B), Belgium ($68.9B), and Poland ($68.4B).

What gets imported to Germany?

Economy of Germany

Imports $1.804 trillion (2019 est.)
Import goods machinery, data processing equipment, vehicles, chemicals, oil and gas, metals, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, agricultural products
Main import partners Netherlands 13.8% China 7.0% Poland 6.7% France 6.6% Belgium 5.9% Italy 5.4%
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What are South Africa major imports and exports?

Chief exports include corn, diamonds, fruits, gold, metals and minerals, sugar, and wool. Machinery and transportation equipment make up more than one-third of the value of the country’s imports.

What is South Africa’s biggest import?

Imports The top imports of South Africa are Crude Petroleum ($8.93B), Refined Petroleum ($4.25B), Cars ($3.85B), Vehicle Parts ($3.07B), and Gold ($2.7B), importing mostly from China ($16.1B), Germany ($9.85B), United States ($5.44B), India ($4.18B), and Saudi Arabia ($3.69B).

What does South Africa export to Europe?

South Africa’s primary exports to the EU are fuels and mining products, machinery and transport equipment, and other semi-manufactured goods. EU exports to South Africa are dominated by machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and other semi-machinery items.

What does South Africa import from China?

South Africa Imports from China. Value. Year. Electrical, electronic equipment. $3.70B.

What products are in high demand in Germany?

Popular product categories

Among top products purchased by German online buyers are clothing/footwear, books, home electronics, CDs and films/DVDs.

What products are in demand in Germany?

Top 10

  • Machinery including computers: US$149.7 billion (12.8% of total imports)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment: $149.1 billion (12.7%)
  • Vehicles: $122.9 billion (10.5%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $78.4 billion (6.7%)
  • Pharmaceuticals: $65.8 billion (5.6%)
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $42.7 billion (3.6%)

Does Germany import food?

In addition to its diverse and developed internal production, Germany is one of the top importers in many food sectors: fruit and vegetables, nuts, olive oil, tea and coffee, honey, etc.

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What does Germany spend on imports?

In 2020, Germany’s imports amounted to 1,170.79 billion euros.

Germany: Value of imports from 2010 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Imports in billion U.S. dollar

What foods does Germany export?

The German agricultural and food industries are well positioned internationally: Germany has for many years been the world’s third largest overall exporter of agricultural goods and the No. 1 exporter of confectionery, cheese, pork and agricultural technology.