Frequent question: How many rivers is there in South Africa?

How many rivers does Africa have?

The Nile, Congo, Niger, Zambezi, Senegal, Limpopo, and Orange are the seven rivers in Africa. They are heavily distributed in the entire continent. Each one of them has a corresponding character and impact on Africa. But are there only seven rivers in Africa?

What is the name of a river in South Africa?


River Drainage basin Province and location
Great Kei River (Groot-Kei) Eastern Cape
Great Letaba River B8 Limpopo
Great Usutu River (or Maputo River) W5 KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland and Mozambique
Great Brak River K Western Cape

Which is the major river of South Africa?

The Orange River, with an average annual runoff of 11 500 million m3, is the largest among South Africa’s rivers, drains 48% of the total area of the country and provides for 22% of the total South African downflow.

What is the shortest river in South Africa?

Three other rivers flow into the Klein River before it curves south and then west to flow into the Atlantic Ocean at the Klein River lagoon. Although the Klein River is 80 km long, it is the river with the shortest distance between its origin and mouth in the world (5 km as the crow flies)!

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What are the 2 main rivers in Africa?

The four major rivers of Africa are the Nile (4,160 miles), the Congo (2,900 miles), the Niger (2,590 miles), and the Zambesi (1,700 miles). The Nile River is the longest river in the world.

What are the 3 main rivers in Africa?

Quick Overview of 12 Major Rivers in Africa

River Length
1. Nile: White Nile, Blue Nile 3,417 to 4,404 miles (5,499 to 7,088 km)
2. Congo-Lualaba-Chambesi River 2,920 miles (4,700 km)
3. Niger River 2,600 miles (4,180 km)
4. Zambezi River 1,600 miles (2,574 km)

How many rivers are in Gauteng?

In the current study, noninvasive sampling was used to collect otter spraints (scat), as well as record any footprints, dens or sightings, along the riverbanks of 11 rivers in Gauteng to determine the distribution of A.

How many big rivers are in South Africa?

Longest Rivers In South Africa

Rank Longest Rivers in South Africa Total Length
1 Orange 1,367 miles (shared with Lesotho and Namibia)
2 Limpopo 1,087 miles (shared with Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana)
3 Vaal 696 miles
4 Molopo 597 miles (shared with Botswana and Namibia)

What are 4 major rivers in South Africa?

Other major rivers are the Breede River, the Komati River, the Olifants River, the Tugela River, and the Umzimvubu River, which run fairly short distances from the interior plateau to the ocean, and the Limpopo and Molopo rivers along the northern border with Botswana and Zimbabwe.

How many lakes are in South Africa?

Factoid: South Africa has its very own lake district – a series of around 270 lakes and pans concentrated within a 20 kilometre radius near the town of Chrissiesmeer.

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How many rivers are in Pretoria?

Moreleta is one of three rivers around which Pretoria is built. The other two are the Apies river, with its starting point at Fountains Valley, and Walker Spruit that runs from Waterkloof koppies through the eastern suburbs of the city.

Which is the biggest river in south?

Godavari River

Path of the Godavari through the South Indian Peninsula [1]
Country India
State Maharashtra,Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

How many rivers are in Durban?

The eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality (eThekwini Municipality) governs the greater Durban area, a coastal city containing 18 major river systems.

Which is the longest river in South Africa?

…in the Lesotho Highlands, the Orange River and its tributaries—chiefly the Caledon and the Vaal—drain…… The Orange River is the longest in South Africa.

Which is biggest dam in South Africa?

The Gariep Dam, in the Free State, is the dam with the largest storage capacity ever built in South Africa. Constructed in 1972, it stores water from the Orange River in a 100 km-long dam with a surface area of 374 km2. The dam can store about 5 500 million cubic metres (m3) of water.