Best answer: Why did West Africa’s early civilizations form near rivers?

Why did West African civilizations form near rivers?

Why did West Africa’s early civilizations form near rivers? Rivers provided people with a reliable source of water. They let farmers grow crops even when there wasn’t much rain. Rivers also made travel and trade easier.

Where did the earliest civilizations in the West Africa form?

These ancient African empires arose in the Sahel, the savanna region just south of the Sahara.

Why did many ancient civilizations in Africa develop near bodies of water?

Rivers were attractive locations for the first civilizations because they provided a steady supply of drinking water and made the land fertile for growing crops. Moreover, goods and people could be transported easily, and the people in these civilizations could fish and hunt the animals that came to drink water.

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What river did great civilizations develop in early West Africa?

Along the Niger River in West Africa great civilizations arose. The role this river played in the development of civilizations is one example of the way the physical geography of West Africa affected history there.

What did the rivers provide for the West African kingdoms?

The river was a food source providing fish, and other food to the people of the empires. Many civilizations had their beginnings along side a river. The NIger was the river for the West African empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai.

Why was the Niger river important to the rise of civilizations in West Africa?

The Niger River was important to Western African Civilizations because it gave rich soil and it helped African religion spread. … The North African people who found a way across the Sahara and began trade with West Africa were Berbers.

How did civilization develop in West Africa?

Ancient West Africa

The region first entered the Iron Age in roughly 1200 BCE, probably learning the processes through its contact with Egypt at that time. … These trade routes, as well as the appearance of iron tools that allowed for more productive farming, led to the development of the region’s first City-States.

Why might the Niger River and Senegal River be important to the development of medieval West African civilizations?

The Mali Empire established itself as a regional powerhouse in medieval times through of its exports of gold, as well as salt, and its control over the Sahara trade routes from West Africa. … The Niger River basin nourished these powers, providing the resources necessary to build and sustain empires.

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What ancient civilizations were created in West Africa?

The development of such major Sudanic kingdoms and empires as Ghana, Mali, Songhai, the Hausa states, and Kanem-Bornu along the southern fringes of the Sahara had a number of important consequences for the history of western Africa as a whole.

Why did the early civilizations develop on the river banks?

Civilizations developed around rivers because their waters provided places to hunt and fish. Also, as the rivers flooded, the lands around them became fertile. This allowed them to support farming.

Why did so many early civilizations arise near river valleys?

Why did so many early civilizations arise near river valleys? ; Water created fertile soil and other agricultural advantages. The earliest cities of the Indus River Valley civilization were designed; in a grid.

Why did early civilizations begin in river valleys?

The first civilizations appeared in major river valleys, where floodplains contained rich soil and the rivers provided irrigation for crops and a means of transportation.

Why were the Niger and Senegal rivers important to the civilizations that developed in West Africa?

Why do you think the Niger and Senegal rivers were important to the civilizations that developed in West Africa? They provided water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, and transportation. 11. Islam spread into West Africa beginning in the 700s.

What were two of the early West Africa’s important mineral resources?

– the two important early mineral resources were the salt and gold. How are these resources related to West Africa’s physical geography? – These resources supports the development of the civilizations in the area.

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Why is it important to study history of West Africa?

The study of African history is beneficial since it helps to acquire knowledge about African traditions, culture, norms, and values and to take pride in them and present them. … African history enables the history student to acquire knowledge of their own country and the African continent. viii.